Top 5 Reasons to use Promotional Products in your Marketing

You may consider promotional products as something which would be nice to have, but not essential for your business. However, the power of promotional products shouldn’t be underestimated - a marketing strategy incorporating the use of promotional products can be more effective than other traditional forms of advertising such as radio or print ads. While there are many reasons to include promotional products in your marketing mix, here we list our top 5:

1. Low Cost and Effective

There is a perception that small business cannot possibly compete with the advertising budgets of larger companies, and therefore their marketing campaigns can’t be as effective. However, with the use of carefully selected promotional products that are tailored to your marketing strategy, inexpensive items can have a great ROI for even the smallest budgets. The solution is to identify your target market, and to put yourself in their shoes and imagine an item you would be happy to personally receive and keep. In considering your marketing goals, there are a myriad of products and decoration options that can help you convey your message in a low-cost and effective way, such as printed pens and drink bottles.

2. Instant Brand Recognition

Consider the brands you already know well and how recognisable they are. It is likely you are aware of them through repeat exposure, and a key takeaway here is that you don’t need to have a large budget such as Nike or McDonalds to achieve this. An everyday item such as a coffee mug will convey your brand and messaging on a daily basis, making your brand easily recognisable. Once your brand is in your customer’s mind, they will be more likely to recall your business when they require your services, and to also recommend your products to their friends and family.

3. Maximum Exposure for your Brand

According to Promotional Products Association International (PPAI), 94% of people vividly remember where they received a promotional product gift. It stands to reason then to include promotional products in your marketing mix. But not just any products - you need to ensure the product is high quality so it will last, and that it is the type of item which is likely to be used over and over again. Everyday items such as key rings, stubby coolers and reusable cups, mugs or bottles are a great investment, as are USB flash drives which are not only useful but also carry a high perceived value.

4. Tailored Targeting

Custom promotional products can be an effective tool in driving prospects to your brand's products and services through tailored targeting. Use them as part of your social media campaigns to increase brand awareness, or as a lead magnet to drive customers to your website to increase enquiries. There are lots of creative ways to achieve this such as printing a QR code with unique campaign information on a promotional bottle, printing your social media handle on promotional t-shirts, or printing your website URL on the back of a promotional hat.

5. Increase Customer Loyalty

Everyone likes to feel appreciated, and in business this is particularly crucial to customer retention. Customers who receive a gift are also receiving acknowledgement from your business that they are important. This in turn makes them more likely to engage with you again in the future, and for them to spread the word that you are great to work with. Why not consider thanking your clients at Christmas for a great year of business with a branded gift, thanking a VIP client for their account with deluxe giftware, or welcoming a new staff member on board with their own welcome pack of branded merchandise? They will not only feel valued, but are more likely to thereafter also serve as champions of your brand.

Whilst there are innumerable promotional products available and ways to use them in your marketing, it cannot be denied they are a powerful tool and a great investment for your marketing plan. With so many exciting new products and trends constantly being released within the promotional industry, the only limit to your next creative campaign is your imagination!


If you need help planning and incorporating promotional products into your next campaign, our promotional products consultant help you to choose the best options to suit your market, goals and budget. Drop us a line with your requirements and let us do the rest!

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